Sunday, August 12, 2012

was bad to shopping online?!! NO~ lol

OK, the story is about shopping at the online , and once they make mistake, they have take it the price no matter they put on it so here is !

                                              Energizer XPAL XP 18000 Power pack

regular price: NT $6800 is about  219 USD, but because the online company
label the wrong price so I use the regular price to get two !!! lol i though they are
having a sale something like that, but after i order, they change the price back in the morning lol

Lunch with the co-worker

I am so lazy to typing lol so just take a look the photo ok lol We decide to take the subway to the city, because some of my friend never been to the subway before lol so here i am take some photo in the subway, people are thinking i am foreigner lol
this remind me of how bad is the Taiwan people lol
i don't F#%K$ING get it.. why they put the railing in the middle? for dance lol
7-11 everywhere LOL!!
finally we arrive the place :)
time for desert!!! yeah~
someone ate too much and need to got the "restroom" hello~ it's call restroom not toilet. they always f%^K up this one in English Orz...
By the way... we get lost on the way home! pretty stupid line for the subway..I keep telling my friends how good is the BART !!!! you will never get lost by that !!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I thought I could get used to lonely

My mother and my aunt went to visit my uncle for a trip, I thought I could get used to lonely... When i alone in the house I feel so lonely now... Why? It's because I am getting old??! :( I miss you already MA !

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You see candy, I see Love :)

Santa must be coming early this year LOL!! and he know I am a good boy this year LOL!!

This is the way too much, I think Santa really like me lol
Even my dog curious what is inside the box lol
My sister remember she had this candy at Julie's house, she love it!!!
mmmm!!! what is the box there?
OH~ it's a specially box for LEE (ME) LOL!!
I got so many stuff that is specially for me :) cause i had been really good for the pass few years lol
Thank you so much sweetheart!! I got so many love from you!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

That is the reason Asian don't have a beard

Because I cut my finger when I try to shave, and I have not even starting yet Orz...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here is the new Motorcycle

I Wish it was DUCATI LOL!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wating for a Rainy day!

Since my Motorcycle Broken, and my sister thinking about to buy a Secondhand scooter, we both need a new Rainwear suit, so we went to Costco try to get a nice Multi-function one, I got a Rainwear suit from Kirkland, got waterproof, windproof, water repellent, lightweight, can't wait to try on in a rainy day, I use to be hate rainy day, but now I can't wait LOL!!!!

And my sister got one too, she get Paradox beyond limits, got 1 more feature, jacket & pants stow away into the jacket's back packet !! so I now need a bag for my rainwear suit Orz...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good bye my old helmet, say HI to the new one lol

This is the old helmet I had and after I saw 100 motorcycle crash on YouTube

well... we do had most stupid car and scooter driver here, anyway,

I decide I need to go get a new one, much safe one lol

So here is my new helmet I got, check up !! Pretty cool right :) and don't ask me how much it cost it... All I can say is worth it to safe your life :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wish me a Happy Birthday.. without your blessing, Birthday is not much Important anymore..

誠實 難免有不能控制的宣泄
生日快樂 我對自己說
蠟燭點了 寂寞亮了
生日快樂 淚也融了

還要時間 才能平衡
熱戀傷痕 畫面重生
我對自己說 蠟燭點了
寂寞亮了 生日快樂
淚也融了 我要謝謝你給的你拿走的一切
還愛你的一點恨 還要時間
才能平衡 熱戀傷痕
畫面重生 祝我生日快樂
還愛你的一點恨 還要時間
才能平衡 熱戀傷痕
畫面重生 祝我生日快樂
時間一分一秒的過去 (time's go by)
電郵或是電話都沒有 (no phone call, even the e-mail)
也許我對你已經不是那麼的重要 (maybe I am careless)
雖然朋友記得 但是 但是... (my friend remember, but... but)
少了你的祝福 (without your blessing)
感覺就是少了什麼... (feel like something is missing...)

祝我生日快樂.............(Wish me a Happy Birthday..)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blind Dun Dun

We think this is very funny and cute!! is a old video.
Ma try to guide Dun Dun find out that Susie (my sister) is already come home from work, (usually Dog know when you come home)
well let's see what happen when He find out Susie LOL!!